Water and Waste

Replacing the control panels and SCADA in Wadi Al-Dawasir

supply, testing, and commissioning for the following: 1. MCCS panels (SIEMENS) 2. RTUs panels (SIEMENS) 3. SCADA system (SIEMENS) 4. […]

Rafha Water Treatment

  • 1.            Fibre Optics cables laying and connections2.            PLC software programming for the whole project3.            SCADA generation for the whole project according to P&I4.            Calibration for all instruments (Flow, Level, Pressure, Temperature)5.             Engineering for all cable routing, sizing, cable trays,6.            Commissioning and start-up for all signals and PLC panels7.            Medium voltage panels setting and start-up8.            Medium voltage transformer setting and start-up9.            Low voltage panel supply.10.         Generator Synchronization