Isolated power supply for intrinsically safe transmitters
4-20 mA, HART communication
Up to 1 µA transmission accuracy
Up to 5 ms response time
DIN rail mountable
Compatible with all devices using standard HART communication

For high precision transmitters
For transmitters operating in hazardous applications
For certified measurement instruments
For supplying and isolating certified measurement instruments


Power supply: 20 – 35 V DC
Output voltage: 24 V DC
Ambient temperature: – 20 °C … + 60 °C
Input: 4 – 20 mA + HART®
Output: 4 – 20 mA + HART®
Accuracy: 1 µA or 8 µA
Response time: 5 ms,100 ms
Process connection: DIN rail mounted (module width: 22.5 mm)
Protection: IP20
Approvals: ATEX ex, IEC Ex